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Complete  and partial dentures need to be cleaned every day just like natural teeth.

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The Comox Denture Clinic offers a variety of denture services and treatments. Consultations are free so we can really understand your needs and go over treatment options and plans that suit you best.

As denture specialists, we design and fabricate dentures that fit very well. A new denture will conform to the shape of a mouth perfectly. But over time the shape of the gums changes under the denture. In about 2 years, changes to the mouths anatomy can cause the denture to become loose so the denture could dislodge from the mouth during eating, laughing, coughing.

To counteract this inevitable bone loss and restore the retentive quality of the denture, a procedure such as reline of the denture is recommended.


Hard Reline

This procedure usually takes about an hour.

A new impression is taken inside of the old denture and the exact reproduction of the mouth at that time is recorded. The relined denture will be fitted to that exact reproduction. There will be an intimate contact between the gums and the denture so a good fit of the denture is attained.


Soft Reline

This procedure is identical to the hard reline procedure, the only difference being the material used to reline a denture. In this instance, the material is soft and remains relatively soft for up to two years.

Soft reline is prescribed to patients with ridges who experience constant soreness under the hard denture acrylic resin. The soft reline is the usual treatment of choice when patients are unable to wear a regular acrylic resin denture because of this soreness.


Denture Rebase

This procedure normally takes one day.

This is the same clinical procedure as the reline with the difference that all acrylic resin is replaced. The parts of the denture that are kept are the teeth. This is not a new denture, but a revitalized version of the old one.

This procedure is prescribed when the denture base (pink acrylic resin) is very old, heavily stained, or cracked beyond repair.


Temporary Reline-Tissue Conditioning

When gums are painful, red, swollen and sensitive to touch, the denturist will place a tissue conditioning material inside the denture so it can be worn without the discomfort. This material used to bring swollen gums to a healthy state is soft and medicated and stays soft for up to 4 weeks.

This temporary reline is done before any permanent reline (hard or soft) is prescribed. This is because swollen gums will not provide an accurate reproduction of the oral cavity needed for a final permanent reline to fit well.


Denture Repair

Dentures can become loose after 2-5 years and become loose in the mouth. Constant flexing under chewing can cause dentures to break. If the denture has porcelain teeth, these break off the denture as a result of this flexing. if your denture does break, repairs by our experts can usually be done in two hours.

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